I read the section "Why use PassIT.Net" where it said, "After using PassIT.Net for a while, the answer to this question becomes obvious."

Well I used it for a while. They were correct, the answer became obvious.

It has set me free and allows me to access all of the places that I want to. Since I installed the trial version I have not had to use the I have forgotten my password button. Also with all the routine sites that I visit, I do not have to type the address or the username or the password. All in a couple of clicks. I feel secure and do less typing.

I thoroughly recommend PassIT to anyone who uses the internet. 

William Hughes



I strongly recommend PassIT.Net to anyone. It adds extra security to your online identities and improves your downtime by providing instant access to your security info. I like the way you do not have to type anything. Just click open URL then click send password and username and you are in.

David Walsh

Web Designer


I recommend this product to anyone who uses the internet. I can't do without it.

Chris Ellision

Technical Officer


I have so many passwords. All of my clients issue me with a username and password for accessing their systems. Nearly all of these are complex and have to be changed monthly. I would be lost without PassIT.Net. It is the best password manager that I have seen and is a breeze to use. For something that I use daily, it was certainly worth the tiny investment for the product.

Seamus F Black