Security Trust Innovation

Who is SESCOA ?

SESCOA is a small sister company to a larger Australian security company.

We are constantly dealing with sensitive data, both of our own and of our customers. In addition to this, due to our security background, we know exactly what the responsibility is when you are in an especially trusted position, with full access to both property and data. It is an awesome and serious responsibility.

We create software.  This is mostly for Government Departments, and sometimes for High End Commercial Enterprises.
It is usually based around security, Imaging, Licencing, Face detection, database driven applications and business oriented apps. Our Job is finding innovative solutions.

 Is SESCOA an acronym ?

Yes, it is an acronym for Security Sciences Corporation of Australia Pty Ltd - (ACN:161048086).

Why was PassIT.Net written ?

It was written out of necessity. I will expand more on this later.

Good coders are basically lazy. If they are faced with any repetitive tasks, boring tasks or a common problem that delays progress then they will often write programs that will automate the process. They sometimes spend a lot of time doing this but the reward is that the next time they are confronted with the task then the computer will do it for them.

Working in both software development and in the security industry means that we have an awe full lot of pin codes, passwords and username / passwords to remember. In addition to this many of these PINs and passwords are not for our protection but for the protect of our clients.

Due to the fact that most of our clients are Government Departments or National and International Law Enforcement Agencies, it means that we are not allowed to do certain things that others may do. e.g. write down passwords in a secret little book. Even our Customer Contact Management system (a software Rolodex) wasn't allowed into the field without an encrypted version being produced. And that is fair because some of the officers were undercover and that could mean life or death and there were bomb experts, drug experts, terrorist experts and all sorts of people in the database.


One of our programmers got miffed about the inability to use his accounts at home, at work and in the field. Yep he was the lazy one. Most IT geeks have a special disk which has all of the necessary utilities that they normally require. With so many of these now being web based, the old Floppy disk, CD or DVD was being outdated at a rapid rate. The miffed guy:

  • Checked out existing systems     
  • Found some free ones that he did not trust and later stated that nothing was really free.
  • Laughed out loud about some of the options that were on offer.
  • Decided to be lazy and create his own.


Out of necessity. (Expanding this now.) He had too many on line accounts and worked both in the field, at the work place and at home. The solution was a system that allowed him to access all his accounts where ever he was. At home, in the field, on his laptop or at work.

He recently modernised it, and made it look a bit prettier, and mixed it with both managed and unmanaged code and renamed it PassIT.Net  

So out of frustration and Necessity PassIT was born. We have all used it for about 14 years. Personally, I would be lost without it.

Why are you marketing PassIT.Net ?

Because when our M.D. got his revamped version he said, "This is Fantastic, why aren't we selling this."

That's the truth.