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Welcome to SESCOA.Com. The manufacturer of PassIT.Net.

 Take control of password hell and experience web freedom NOW! 

PassIT.Net is a password and information vault that secures your information on your computer. It uses complex encryption to secure your passwords. It enables you to sync your data between you home PC, your laptop/notebook PC and your work PC via a USB Thumb Drive. You can also use the thumb drive to enter accounts or access web sites on another PC. We are offering everyone a free download of a 30 Day Trial. PassIT allows you to open a site with a click and enter your username and password with a click. You can have very complex passwords for your financial sites and you never have to remember any passwords again except for one Very Important Password   Download Now 

  • Fixes Bad Habits


    Do you use the same password on different sites?
    Do you keep passwords written down in a little book or secret file?
    Do you use similar passwords on different Sites? Do you use weak passwords when you definitely should not? 

    Download Now       

  • I have too many accounts


    Nearly every site now days has a username and password if you are going to interact actively with it. I have far too many passwords to remember most of them. It is only the really important and commonly used ones that I remember. I even forget them sometimes.

        Download Now
  • My memory isn't like it used to be


    Memory can be effected by many things and all of us have different capacities for many things. If you have a username / password that you use only every 6 months then this is one that you will most likely forget.

        Download Now

Why Use PassIT.Net

After using PassIT.Net for a while the answer to this question becomes obvious.

It is easy, safe and secure and it improves your whole interweb life.

PassIT.Net just for PC Accounts?

No not at all, it is more than a password vault. Use it for security alarm codes, router access codes or in fact anything. Store your software licence keys in it as well.

Make an account for anything that you may need to remember. 

Getting Started with PassIT.Net

Once you install PassIT.Net it will place an Icon on your desktop.

Now before you run the program, think of a complicated VIP. A VIP is a Very Important Password. This VIP should be strong, reasonably long and it should be something that you can type in rapidly. You can change your VIP at any time so don't worry.

Now click the PassIT.Net icon. The program will request your VIP and then let you into the core of the vault. Now if you quit without making any new accounts, then the system will assume that you do not want to keep your VIP, and you will have to enter it again the next time you start PassIT.Net. So it is best to enter a new account. Just enter a garbage account first by entering a letter in each account field and then save it.

Now you are ready to play with your new PassIT.Net vault. It will become one of your best friends. 

Key Features of PassIT.Net

  • Easy to use.
  • You can use 3 installations at once. Home PC, laptop/notebook and work PC.
  • It is transportable as it can also be run from a USB device.
  • It synchronises changes from any PC back to the registered USB device. So any changes or new accounts made from the work PC will update to your home PC and notebook via synchronisation with your USB thumb drive.
  • It can automatically generate extremely strong passwords for you, and you do not have to remember them.
  • It can generate pronounceable passwords which are strong but easier to remember.
  • Single click to open website via button or double click from the list of accounts.
  • One click to send username and password to website. One click log on.
  • One click to backup your data and one click to restore your data.
  • Use a virtual keyboard to log on if you are on an untrusted PC.
  • It is secure.
  • Searchable via account type, target site and account name.
  • You can operate it with someone looking over your shoulder as passwords are hidden by default.
  • Automatically recognises USB device insertion.
  • Handles single dual and 3 factor authentication.
  • Enables secure notes to be kept for each account.
  • Auto-LogOff via inactivity timer.
  • Gets the URL of  the current website when opening or entering new accounts. 

What is Good Password Management?


A New Convert.....

A person who works in a tenancy near ours proclaimed that he didn't need PassIT.Net as he kept all his passwords in zip file that was protected with a password. One day he came in and told me that he had changed his password and then had completely forgotten what he had change it to.

I asked for the file, examined it and retrieved his forgotten password. He was horrified. He is now a happy PassIT.Net user.


Safe, Secure & Easy.

Security is supposed to be painful.

This is just too easy.....

Tool Tips.

....make it easy.